VizOnTheNet is a Local Search Marketing Research and Training website sponsored by Essential Marketing Systems, Inc. of Maui, Hawaii. Along with being nationally known Local Search Marketing experts, owners Bob and Josh Sommers run the Internet Marketing Association of Hawaii, and they’re the creators of the Do It Yourself Local Search Marketing System, The Local Search Marketing Boot Camp and The Five Star Review System.

Our mission is to educate the business world on how to generate new business from the Internet through local search marketing and reputation management … and do it without spending a dime on advertising.

Here are a few personal things about the owners of VizOnTheNet.Com that you might find interesting.


Bob Sommers


Profession: Full time Local Search Marketing and Reputation Management researcher, teacher and Professional Speaker.

Home: Maui, Hawaii, USA

Home Town: St. Louis, MO

Astrological Sign: Pisces

Chinese Sign: Year of the Dog

Favorite Movies: The Green Mile, Ghost, Defending Your Life

Favorite Books: How To Win Friends And Influence People, Oh The Places You Will Go!, Huckleberry Finn, Influence, the Power of Persuasion

sluh150Passions: Internet Marketing, Natural Healing, Alternative Energy, Public Speaking, Humor, Biking, Family, Swimming and Snorkeling.

Favorite Bands: Credence Clearwater Revival, Three Dog Night, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Chicago, Harvest

Favorite Subject In High School: Physics

Education: Engineer – University of Missouri at Rolla

Favorite Saying: “A mind once expanded can no longer return to its original dimension.”

Embarrassing Moment: I was speaking at a convention in Atlanta and walked into the restroom with my microphone turned on. Nothing else even comes close.

Vices: Habanero Peppers, StumbleUpon, iPad, 

Computer: 24 inch iMac

firetruck125Worst Job: Digging graves in a cemetery.

Best Job: President and owner of Sommers Communication Inc. (largest customer service training company in America), creating the Internet Marketing Association of Hawaii, Fireman-Rolla, MO and Inn Keeper at Pacific Villa, Maui

Things You Can Do That No One Else Can: Sing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” backwards.

family150Birth Order: First born of four: Bob, Dan, Steve, Jennifer

Happiest Moment: Becoming a father … twice.

Life Changing Moment: Near death experience falling through the ice when I was nine years old.

Fan of: St. Louis Cardinals Baseball, University of Tennessee and University of Missouri Football, SLUH soccer, Albert Einstein, Mark Twain

Political Views: Live and let live

Professional Accomplishments: Building Sommers Communication Inc. into the largest customer service training company in the country. USPS Quality Supplier of the Year two years in a row

My Websites: RecognizedExpert / BobSommers / IMAHawaii / MagicWithBlogs / BestLocalReviews


Josh Sommers

Picture 36

Profession: Full time Local Search Marketing researcher and teacher, Professional Speaker and Reputation Management Consultant.

Home: Maui, Hawaii, USA

Home Town: Atlanta, GA

Astrological Sign: Cancer

Chinese Sign: Year of the Ox

Favorite Movie: The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951)

Favorite Book: 1984, George OrwellPicture 39

Passions: Internet Marketing, Linux, Gadgets, Drupal

Favorite Bands: The Red Hot Chilipeppers, Credence Clearwater Revival

Favorite Subject In School: Network Security

Education: MCP, MCSA, MCSC, A+, Security+, Network+, Etc…

Favorite Saying: “Where are we going, and why are we in this hand basket?”

Vices: StumbleUpon, Cliff and Waterfall jumping, Drupal Programming

Picture 37Computers: Dell Mini12, G1 Android

Worst Job: Repairing Computers.

Best Job: President Internet Marketing Association of Hawaii, Owner CompMaui, Tech Support at the Maui Police Department

Things You Can Do That No One Else Can: Set-up an open-source backup solution for 3 separate platforms in under 10 min. 🙂Picture 38

Birth Order: First born of two: Josh, Joel

Happiest Moment: Moving to Maui.

Life Changing Moment: Moving to Maui.

Fan of: Google, Linus Torvald

Political View: Not 20/20 🙂

My Websites: AbsoluteMaui / CompMaui / RecognizedExpert / IMAHawaii / MagicWithBlogs / BestLocalReviews


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