See if your business shows up on If not, here’s where you need to go to get it listed.

Reviews On

Dexknows draws reviews from Yelp! If you don’t have any reviews on Yelp! yet, I encourage you to get at least one good review on that site. It really makes your listing on Dexknows stand out.

Notice how the top listing has descriptive text … which is due to this listing being a sponsored link, but the bottom listing with the five thumbs up is a free listing that really grabs your attention. Your customers can review your business on, but why not get a double/triple hit by encouraging them to review your business on Yelp! where it will be picked up by Yelp!, Dexknows and Google. Get three reviews for the price of one.

As a test, I gave a review to one of my friends, Tom Kindelan, the owner of Regal Car Rentals in Fort Myers, Florida. The day I wrote the review on Dexknows, his business was listed on the first page for the term, “Rental Car – Ft. Myers, FL” in the “S” position. The only other rental car company with 5 thumbs up next to their listing was Enterprise Rent-A-Car in the first sponsored position. Let’s see what happens a week from now.

Get over to Yelp! right now and set up an account.

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