We’ve completed the first phase of our four phase Local Search Marketing pilot program … the Educational Phase. The purpose of “Phase I” was to help you understand how local search marketing works and our roles in your long term success. Some of the things we discussed included the importance of:

  • Selecting keywords with “local intent”
  • Adding local geographic modifiers to your listing
  • Gathering five star reviews
  • Effectively dealing with poor reviews
  • Accumulating business citations
  • Adding photos to your listing
  • Adding videos to your listing
  • Having a consistent business listing across the Internet
  • Getting your business listed on multiple sites
  • And more

Once we’ve recorded where your business listing is currently showing, we will move to:

Phase II – Optimize: Attract your most profitable customers through your business listing.

Phase III – Publicize: Promote your business listing on multiple websites and directories.

Phase IV – Capitalize: Identify and track your new business customers.

Will you please take no more than five minutes to evaluate the first stage of the project, the Educational Phase. For this evaluation will you please focus on the educational phase only. I will ask you to comment on the other phases as we accomplish them.

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