The Five Star Review System is just months away from its debut. Over 9 months of 24/7 teamwork has gone into the development of the system which is currently in the final stages of alpha testing.

Video 1: Reviews and Feedback
Video 2: Rewards and Referrals
Video 3: Reputation and SEO
Video 4: Roadblocks and Ramifications
Video 5: Reports and Statistics

The Five Star Review System was created for local businesses who want to attract new customers by dominate the Internet with genuine five star customer reviews. Here is a quick recap of what they system will do for your business.

1. Get feedback from all of your customers
2. Have good reviews show up on the search engines
3. Have good reviews show up on the social networking sites
4. Keep bad reviews from showing up on the Internet
5. Have up-to-date customer testimonials on your website
6. Have a customers photo with their testimonial on your site
7. Have a webpage on the Internet with your 5 star reviews
8. Have a digital coupon for your customers to use and share
9. Generating referrals from your happy customers
10. Provide customers a compelling reason to buy again
11. Track customer service by employee
12. Track customer referred sales
13. Track sales by employee
14. Generate referrals for specific salespeople
15. Track where your new business is coming from
16. Understand how search engines rank your business listing

Click here if you want to sign up for a notice when the system is fully operable.  It will be available to the first 100 customers for $169.00/month Starting in late May, 2012.

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