This post will show you how to geocode your images using Google’s “Picasa Web” service. The reason you want to do this is to make your Google Place page listing even more relevant. By geocoding your photographs you’re showing Google that your photos are associated with your business location. This is just one more Advanced Technique we use with our customers to help them move up the Google Maps Listing.

Note: Click image to view in full size.
1) Go to: and sign in with your Google Account.

Sign In With Your Google Account

2) Once signed in, click on “Upload”

Click "Upload"

3) Title your album and click “Continue”

Title Your Album

4) Click the “Choose photos to upload” button

Choose Photos To Upload

5) Browse to and select your photos.  Once selected, click “Open.”

Browse To Your Photos

6) Once your photos finish uploading click “Ok” in the bottom right of the window.

Click 'OK' When Done Uploading

7) Next, click one of your photos you would like to geocode. (Important!)

Click to Open The Photo

8) On the bottom of the right column, find and click “Add Location”

Click "Add Location"

9) Enter the address of the business (required).  You can fine tune the pin by clicking and dragging it to the correct location.  Click “Save Location” once the pin is in the correct location.

Enter Address - Move Pin - Save Location

10) Refresh the webpage.

Refresh The Web Page

11) On the right side of the photo, verify that the Latitude and Longitude are set.

Verify Latitude and Longitude Are Set

12) Add a caption to your photo.

Click "Add a Caption" Below Photo

13) Use your primary keyword and then click “Save Caption.”

Enter Your Main Keyword - Then Save

14) Download your photo using the Download link noted in the graphic below.  Save it to your computer where you can easily locate it.

Download and Save Photo To Your Computer

15) Rename your photos using your main keywords.  To separate words, use dashes (-) not underscores(_)

Find and Rename Photo

16) Lather, Rinse and repeat.  You’re all done!  The photos are ready to be uploaded to your business listing.


Your’re Done! Photo is ready to upload!


4 Responses to “How To Geotag Images for Your Google Place Page”

  1. Sommers says:

    Great tutorial Josh. So few business owners are doing this and the value we see with the people who do geocode their photos is amazing. Thank you for putting this together for everyone.

  2. Bob Meetin says:

    The tutorial sort of works. When I log into my account and visit the url,, it redirects to a google+ page, nothing with picasa in the link or page title, but it does drop you into an album/picture admin page. Google restructured it?

    Then I move along, set up a public album and add a couple pics, geotag them. I make a descriptive caption. Under Photo Information although location shows in the small map there are no entries for Longitude, Latitude.

    Saving, refreshing, does not display a Download link on screen. At the bottom of the edit screen is an Options link and there you find Download Full Size.

    Yes here I can save it and rename it and visit the business listing and upload it. Is this process supposed be adding the caption, tag information, location to the elif information? Such that when you upload it to your profile google’s viewer will read that data?

  3. Sommers says:

    Thank you Bob. Things change on the Internet every day. The answer to your question is Yes, that is the point of going through this exercise ” Is this process supposed be adding the caption, tag information, location to the elif information?”