Take a minute to see how your customers are using Google Maps to find your business. After you watch the video, please take a moment to read my thoughts below.

Check Your Listing

Can you see how important it is to insure that your business is listed at the right location? If it’s not, you can easily drag the icon to the correct location. It will take a few days for the change to take place, but now your customers will be able to find you.

Link To Your Google Map

It’s also a great idea to post a link to your Google Map from the contact page on your website and as part of your signature file in your email, especially if you have a business location that is hard to find.

Provide Written Directions

If your customers generally come from one direction, like a local airport, I would encourage you to also print the written directions on your contact page too. This serves two purposes. First, it’s good business practice to make it as easy as possible for your customers to find you, and second, it’s another way to help the search engines promote your business listing to the top of their search results page.

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