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  • Kitchens                           134,466 searches/day     .78 OCI
  • Kitchen Cabinets               73,644 searches/day       .99 OCI
  • Kitchen Design                  32,877 searches/day       .88 OCI
  • Kitchen Remodeling           12,099 searches/day       .93 OCI
  • Bathroom Remodeling        9,896 searches/day        .87 OCI
  • Remodeling Contractors     2,975 searches/day         .69 OCI
  • Basement Remodeling       2433 searches/day          .83 OCI

OCI is the Commercial Intent to Buy. A number over .5 is a good indication that the person using this keyword is planning to make a purchase. The higher the number, the greater their intent to buy.

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