You can attract people coming to Maui to get married

  1. Without a website.
  2. Without spending a dime on advertising … ever.
  3. Without having to hire someone to do it for you.

On September 29, we’re going to show you the step-by-step process we use to professionally optimize and publicize business listings in the wedding industry. The difference is, you won’t have to write us a check for $1,000 to do it for you. You can do this yourself and have complete control of your marketing success.

What You Will Learn

checkmExactly how your customers are searching for the services you sell. You can’t afford not to know this.

checkmWhat a “business listing” is and how to use it to attract new customers. 60% of all business listings have fatal errors … does yours?

checkmHow to create a business listing that encourages search sites to promote your business and prompt prospects to contact you first. This is marketing at its best.

checkmThree things you must know to insure your wedding business is not removed from Google Maps. You can’t afford to make this mistake … even accidentally.

checkmThe quickest way to get your business listed on the most searched sites on the Internet. This will save you 50 hours of tedious work.

checkmHow to verify your business listing and why this is so important to do before a malicious competitor hijacks it. Your listing may already be hijacked.

checkmHow to use customer reviews to attract the attention of new customers. Have you seen the reviews your customers have already left on the Internet?

checkmHow to move your business listing to the top of the first page of results … Even if your competition is 100 times bigger than you.

checkmHow to use the results you learn from Local Search Marketing to make your off-line marketing ten times more effective. This alone is worth coming to the workshop.

checkmHow to remove a bad review from Google and other review sites before they destroy your business.    If it hasn’t happened yet, it will.

checkmHow to write the perfect 200 character business description text on your Google Business Listing. Hint: The best description is written by your customer.

checkmHow to quickly generate hundreds of business citations to give your listing credibility and high rankings. This technique will also position you as the expert in your field.

checkmHow to know if your marketing is workingby asking one simple question to every new customer.

Bonus Material

checkmHow to take control and influence your on-line reputation … If you ignore it, it will destroy your business. example

checkmHow to project your natural likability into your business listing. Do you want to do business with a company or a friend?

checkmWhere to find every resource necessary to optimize and publicize your business listing. This would take weeks to find on your own?

Are You Qualified To Attend This Workshop?

checkmarkThis workshop is for business owners and service professionals in the wedding industry, so don’t expect us to engage you in tech talk or use examples that don’t work … We save the cryptic conversations to impress our family and friends.

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