ResizR is a great little photo resizing tool for your Local Search Marketing needs. Sites like Google, Bing, Merchant Circle and others allow you to upload up to 10 photos to your business listing, but they must meet their size requirements.

I suggest you reduce your photos to a max of 250 pixels wide. This will keep the size well under 50K, which is acceptable by all the sites that allow photos.

Step 1: Gather all of your business photos and put them in a folder.

Step 2: Use a service like ResizR to reduce the size of your photos and place them in another folder.

Step 3: Change the file names of your resized photos and use the keywords customers use to find you on the Internet. For example, if you were a house painter in Kirkwood, MO and you had a photo of the outside of a home you painted, you would change the file name to “exterior_painter_kirkwood_mo.jpg” Try to create a unique file name for all of your photos using the same criteria.

Step 4: When you upload your photos to sites like Merchant Circle, they will give you an opportunity to tag or name each photo. (Google is an exception to this rule.) Try to use the same set of business and/or location keywords in the naming of each photo. Using the example above, you might consider naming the photo “Exterior Painter Kirkwood, MO” It’s always a plus when the file name and the photo description are similar.

Step 5: Prepare to be Wowed! When you use this technique to name your photographs, there’s a very good chance that your photos will show up on the first page of results on the search engines for the terms you used while naming your photo. You will either see the actual photo on the results page or you will see a link to the website where your photo is hosted. Either way, you win.

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