Getting a bad business review can be devastating. This alone should encourage you to do everything in your power to provide exceptional customer service and go the extra mile to make things right when you or an employee drops the ball.

The worst part about getting a bad review is that they are often true, at least from the perspective of the customer who left the review. So, what do you do when you get a bad review.

Step 1. Don’t freak out.
Step 2.

Can I remove a Review from this site?

Trip Advisor
No. Reviews for a property may only be removed due to a major brand change or ownership change, and you must provide us documentation of the change. We don’t remove reviews just because of a change in amenities. However, we encourage you to post a management response to those reviews and give our travelers the details of your improvements. Our travelers actually think very highly of properties that respond to negative comments by making changes.

Angies List

No! There are only three reasons we would ever take down any report:

  1. We find out the report was fraudulently posted
  2. The member who posted the report chooses to remove it.
  3. The report was a successful part of our Complaint Resolution.

When a report that has been part of the Complaint Resolution process is successfully resolved, we think it’s only fair that the amended reports carry a grade of at least B—it’s our way of giving the service company or health professional a little extra incentive to finish or fix the issue. If this occurs, the member is always able to repost the entire report with both the problem described and the update. If the problem isn’t resolved, the original report remains untouched.

We never, ever, ever remove a negative report for any other reason. Angie’s List retains a respected auditing firm, BPA Worldwide, to check our practices every year to ensure that no preferential treatment is given to anyone—including advertisers.

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