Terms & Conditions of Service

Please read our Terms & Conditions of Service before purchasing our services:


Our experience has shown that properly optimizing and submitting business information can often result in a favorable position on Google, Yahoo and Bing maps. However, Sommers Communication CANNOT GUARANTEE your listing will appear on, or at the top of any search site. It is important to understand that the search engines and local search directories not only don’t share their ranking criteria, but they constantly change it which is completely out of our control. It is even possible that once your listing is optimized for your most profitable term, that your business listing will no longer appear for terms where your business currently ranks.

The key to Local Search Marketing success is to have a listing that is more optimized  and publicized than your competitor for your location, and even then there is no guarantee that your business will place higher on the search engines than that of your competition.


Sommers Communication shall have no responsibility or liability whatsoever to any person or organization with respect to the performance of any local listing, for the deletion of any local listing, for the content thereof, or for the banning, suspension, or other sanctioning of any business from the local listings. We can not control if or how other websites and search engines choose to show your listing.

Sommers Communication shall further not be responsible for reviews or links to other Internet sites contained on any internet listing, or for the contents thereof.

Sommers Communication reserves the right to refuse service to any business or organization, for any reason.  We will NOT accept payment nor optimize any business listing that promotes pornography, criminal violence, hate groups, etc.

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