findWhen your customers search for the products and services you sell at your store, here’s how they do it.

They generally start by going to one of the three big search engines: Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Then they type in the name of the product or service they want to purchase along with the location where they want to purchase that product or service. For example:

shipping service St. Louis” Click to see top 10 results in Google

mailing service St. Louis” Click to see top 10 results in Google

document services” Click to see top 10 results in Google

Did you notice how your eyes were drawn to the 10 businesses listed on the Google map. These are the businesses customers are contacting first.

Now it’s your turn

youGo to each search engine and search for the products or services you offer just as your customers would. If you’re searching from your office computer, you don’t even have to type in your location. The search engines are smart enough to know where you’re searching from. Try it with and without a geographic indicator and see what happens.

  1. Did your UPS business listing show up on the first page?
  2. If so, do you know how to keep it there there?
  3. If not, do you know how to get it there?

More people are using the Internet to find a local service provider than any other means of search … including the Yellow pages. This is why it’s so important to be where your customers are looking for you.

If you want to know how we get our customers on the first page of the search engines, here’s what we do the help them Get Listed. You can do the same for your store.

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