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learnWhat Your Members Want

Your members are dying to know how they can generate highly qualified leads from the Internet. And whether they choose to do this themselves, or hire someone to do it for them, they must understand the process.

If they don’t, they could easily fall pray to unethical marketing schemes and/or continue to waste money on advertising that doesn’t work. Worse yet, the longer they wait to apply this knowledge, the harder it’s going to be to tap into this gigantic pool of new customers.

Why Your Members Can Not Afford To Miss This Program


There are a limited number of spots on the first page of all the search sites where a business can be listed. If you’re in one of the top spots today, congratulations. If you understand what you did to get there and what you need to do to stay there, all the better.

If your business listing is not on the first page of results, we’re going to show you how to get it there and make it the most compelling business listing on the page.

Local Search Marketing is Not Advertising, And It’s Not Fair

Unfortunately, the world of local search marketing is not fair. You can not buy your way to the top of the organic results where you are going to be found. The people who attend your meeting are going to learn how to take those choice spots. Unfortunately, they’re going to take those spots at the expense of the people who don’t attend your meeting.

One Response to “Why This Workshop”

  1. Kevin Moran says:

    Hi Bob….Thanks for all the amazing resources and insights during our telephone conversation tonight.

    After viewing the Workshop page and attendant video, it seems to me that a customer would look at that and say, “WOW! Look at all the things I’ve learned in under 10 minutes. Imagine how much can be gleaned during an entire workshop!”

    You made everything fun and easy to learn. It really sets a value proposition. In a world where people often feel “buyers remorse”, your approach yields just the opposite feeling. That is, “I’ve already gotten so much out of what has been provided for free, that I’d feel lousy NOT buying.”

    Great stuff! Keep on keeping on.