questionQ. How long is the workshop?

A. The workshop is typically between one and two hours in length depending on how detailed you want to go into the subject. If your members are do it yourselfers, I would encourage you to have us speak for the full two hours. If they are more likely to hire the work out, one hour is sufficient time to understand what needs to be done to take advantage of local search marketing.

We’ll also provide them with a list of companies who can provide this service for them.

Q. What are your speaking requirements?

A. It’s best to have the room set up in either classroom or herringbone style so that the participants can see the screen. We also require a projector with a screen and a lavaliere microphone for the speaker if the audience is larger than 60 people. Internet access is nice, but not mandatory.

Q. What kind of resources do you provide at the workshop?

A. We provide each participants with a one page synopsis of local search marketing and link to a hidden resource page on VisOnTheNet. We can also print and provide a workbook at $7/person or allow your organization to print it from a PDF for free.

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