Have you ever wondered where Google gets its data for your local business? Here’s what you need to know. InfoGroup NeuStar Acxiom When you upload your business information to Acxiom you must have the following information available. Please enter the Business information to be added to Acxiom database. BE SURE TO HAVE ALL DOCUMENTATION READY […]

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Part 2 of the Local Consumer Review Study 2112 by Search Engine Land just came out and here’s the take-away. When customers write about how reliable your business is, readers sit-up and take notice. When they write about how friendly and courteous you are, they yawn! Reliability is your ticket to building your business through […]

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Sommers on February 13th, 2012

Does your local business have a mobile web presence? It should. Check out this wonderful Mobile Website Template that allows you to easily create and direct people to your mobile website rather than your primary website when they search for you using a mobile device. Did You Know? Did you know that on Valentine’s Day, […]

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